What shippings wheather they be canon or fanon, are you favourite, and what ones are your least favourite?

My favourite shipping is Lyra Heartstrings x Sweetie Drops, it's just so adorable, but I'm not sure if it'll ever become canon :( I know not everything will become canon, but this is one of things I hope will become canon.

Another one I adore is Fancy Pants x Fleur Dis Lee, they just fit eachother so perfectly, that's all I have to say about it. Other than it being adorable.

And for the ones I dislike...

Rarity x Spike, it's just not really any sense making to me... I doubt she even takes a big interest in him aside from friendship. There's also something about it that annoys me... a lot. Can't figure what it is though. Though to be fair to it, I'm not as bitter as I used to be about it, still dislike it, though.

But that's not the worst one... my least favourite is Braeburn x Soarin, yes I know it's gotten popular overtime, but I don't understand it... at all... Braeburn and Soarin have never seen eachother, ever met eachother, ever interacted or probably know who each other are, where did the idea of this shipping come from? They don't seem alike at all, it just makes no sense at all. Therefore, making it my least favourite shipping.

So what shippings are your favourite?