Hey, remember this blog,, you find your pony name by combining first letter of your name and then last, well, let's do something like that again!

First letter of your name:

A.Twilight, B.Shining, C.Rainbow, D.Apple, E.Aura, F.Ice, G.Grand, H.Fire, I.Spark, J.Orange, K.Magic, L.Fruit, M.Moon, N.Star, O.Flash, P.Strobe, Q.Beauty, R.Princess, S.Melody, T.Berry,U.Tree, V.Violet, W.Rain, X.Cake, Y.Chocolate, Z.Rose

Last letter of your name:

A.Colour, B.Flower, C.Lady, D.Great, E.Heart, F.Garden, G.Song, H.Gravity, I.Latte, J.Cafe,K.Tea, L.Profound, M.Force,N.Cross, O, Lightning, P.Gravity, Q.Air, R.Wind, R.Love, S.Sword, T.Axe, U.Fashion, V.Belle,W.Magic,X.Sorcerer, Y.Wave, Z.Snow.

And mine is "Grand Cross".