First letter of your name:

A.Aura, B.Shining, C.Apple, D.Flutter, E.Love, F.Waifu, G.Ice, H.Flower, I.Garden, J.Senpai, K.Berry, L.Bloom, M.Blossom, N.Moon, O.Orange, P.Pear, Q.Town, R.House, S.Fashion, T.Tea, U.Fruit, V.Violet,  W.Cookie, X.Pinkie, Y.Rose, Z.School

Last letter of your name:

A.Storm, B.Happiness, C.Clothes, D.Stealer, E.Lover, F.Soup, G.Fire, H.Eternity,I.Sparkle, J.Mansion, K.Cottage, L.Thunder, M.Tree, N.Storm, O.Latte, P.Peach, Q.Orchard, R.Pony, S.Unicorn, T.Alicorn,U.Paper, V.Gravity, W.Home, X.Limestone,Y.Joy, Z.Marble