Hey everyone! I decided to make a new game; A mix of find your pony name and the birthday game! You get the pony names from the dates.

January:Twilight, Febuary:Apple, March:Flutter, April:Rari, May:Prince/Princess, June:Lily, July:Shining, August:Pie, September:Pencil, October:Mi Amore, November:Lunar, December:Snow

1.Pear, 2.Orange, 3.Fruit, 4.Trumpet, 5.Cello, 6.Faith, 7.God/Goddes, 8.Cuteness, 9.Happiness, 10.God/Goddess, 11.Ribbon, 12.Valley, 13.Mountain, 14.Donatella, 15.Love, 16.Cloud, 17.Lover, 18.Sword, 19.Axe, 20.Water, 21.Fire, 22.Thunder, 23.Healer, 24.Magic, 25.Fashion, 26.Dashie, 27.Belle, 28.Shine, 29.McInTosh, 30.Dragon, 31.School

And mine is... Shining Ribbon... yay.

Note:It has been a while since my last blog, so this mean I can make one now ?