First letter of your name

A.Empire, B.Hill, C.Hall, D.Pond, E.River, F.Flower, G.Galaxy, H.Apple, I.Pencil, J.Adorable, K.Garden, L.Chimney, M.Moon, N.Star, O.Fruit, P.Book, Q.Jewel, R.House, S.Hot, T.Cold, U.Planet, V.Mountain, W.Latte, X.Cappucino, Y.School, Z.Math

Last letter of your name:

A.Woman, B.Sword, C.Axe, D.Cake, E.Fairy, F.Flare, G.Beach, H.Earth, I.Speed, J.Spoon, K.Wand, L.Love, M.Rainbow, N.Shine, O.Armour, P.Shield, Q.Weapon, R.Soup, S.Bunny, T.Height, W.Espresso, X.Cup, Y.Colour, Z.Bright

And mine is ... Galaxy Shine, yay.