Hello, bronies and pegasisters and middle heighters (people who lost in interest in the show), if you could go back in time, what would you do ?

These are mine:

-Make sure none of the mistakes I've made never happened.

-Try to make friends with people who I haven't made friends with because it was something I did 'cause of my personality or something.

-Talk to people who I can't talk to now as much as I could.

-Get a life outside of the internet.

-Join Wikia earlier (I was wasting my time on Youtube)

-Join this Wiki earlier (I was wastine my time on another wiki that is now horrible)

-Try to mature myself before anything has gotten out of hand.

-Join a few other sites earlier

-Take part in Hurt/Heal (Candle's one, I never took part in it, I was too dumb back then -_-, I am pretty sure I never took part, who wants to flare through those 6,221 comments to see ?)

-Watch TV shows that I never really watched when they were on.

-Make sure any sins I have done never happened.

-Take interest in things that are not around now.

and one more...

-Never believe in Santa, I hate the fact that kids care more about stuff like that around Christmas.

So what would you do ?

NOTE: I am not sure why commenting was disabled, lol.