Never Believe these: That Germans wear weird clothes and love beer

That Irish have red hair and love beer even more

That English are upper class and love tea

That Welsh live on Farms and talk funny

That Scottish (men to be exact) wear skirts and again are red heads

That French  love bread and are rude

That Canadians love hockey and speak like "Eh?"

That Americans are fat and are proud of themselves

That Mexicans wear Sombrarios (is this how you spell it?) and love Taco's

That Spanish eat weird food and play these bango things

That Europeans are flamboyant and Arrogant

That Scandanavians are blond and talk like "Yah"

That Japanese love Sushi and wear modern clothing

That Chinese love Noodles and is difficult to know how they talk

That Belgians love Chips (also known as Fries to you Savages, just kidding) and again wear strange clothes

That Dutch have strange names and talk strange

That Polish  are rude and love them selves

That Arabians are terrorists and hate Americans

That Austrians play Fancy Instruments and dress Fancy

That Africans live in Tribes and are poor

That Italians love pasta and wine

That Greeks wear white clothes and when ever they see something shocking they put their hand to their ear and put on a shocked expression

That South Americans are poorish and love Football  (or Soccer as you savages call it,just kidding)