Twilight Sparkle - Alicorn Twilight is awesome, stop complaining

Applejack - Applejack would be so good to have as a friend, or as a family member :D

Fluttershy - Fluttershy is adorable and innocent, I want to hug her

Pinkie Pie - I would love to have a party with her

Rarity - Rarity is such a nice character, and she acts so niclely to Sweetie Belle

Rainbow Dash - Rainbow Dash is adorable, and I think SoarinDash is a good ship

Spike - Spike is the most adorable character in the show ever :D Also I am Spike

Princess Celestia - Princess Celestia is best mentor, and her mane probably tastes like strawberries :D

Princess Luna - Princess Luna was treated so badly in Luna Ecplised D:, and her mane probably tastes like Grapes :D

Princess Cadance - I would love for her to baby/foal sit for me 

Prince Shining Armour - Prince Shining Armour is best stallion

Prince Blue Blood - I like him, stop hating on him and wanting to torture him, it is so cruel!

Apple Bloom - I wanna hug Apple Bloom, and her voice is so cute

Sweetie Belle - Sweetie Belle is so adorable, and the way she looks upto Rarity is so cute

Scootaloo - Scootaloo is cutest CMC

Babs Seed - I hope she appears in S4

Big MacInTosh - Big MacInTosh is such a good brother Applejack and Apple Bloom

Granny Smith - Granny Smith is best Granny.

Mr Cake - Mr  Cake is best baker

Mrs Cake - Mrs Cake is 2nd best baker

Pound Cake and Pumkin Cake - Aaaww, 2 baby ponies, so innocent and cute

Mayor Mare - Mayor Mare is best Mayor (I wonder if her real name is Marie)

Diamond Tiara - I know she is spoiled sometimes, but she is still cute

Silver Spoon - Silver Spoon is best filly

Snips - He is so short and chubby, and chubby things are cute

Snails - Snails is best colt

Twist - Twist is so adorable, I think she needs to be in more episodes

BraeBurn - He is so hot (yes I just called a guy hot XD)

Derpy - I wanna hold Derpy and I would like for her to rest her head on my chest.

Doctor Hooves - Doctor Hooves is best pony

Lyra - Lyra is best pony

Sweetie Drops - Sweetie Drops is 2nd best pony

Minuette - Minuette is 3rd best pony

Amethyst Star - She is so beautiful and cute.

Soarin - Soarin is adorable, I think he and Dashie are a good couple

Spitfire - Not as cute as Soarin, but still cute

Fancy Pants - He is adorable, I think he and Fleur are a good couple

Fleur dis lee - Fleur is hot and she and Fancy Pants are a good couple

Thunderlane - Thunderlane is adorable and I hope he appears again

Featherweight - Someone needs to feed him in the legs and chest, belly, back and throat

Pipsqueak - OMG he is so short and cute, his voice is also so innocent and cute.

Rumble - OMG he is so adorable, and his design looks like a fillies, which makes him cute.

Shady Daze - He is so cute, and I hope appears again

Noi - She is so cute and adorable.

I will do more later.