Many People say it is the daughter of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, but her vector is that of a Filly, not an Infant, but she must be a royal pony if she is a Princess, or an Alicorn, her mane colours look like Princess Cadance's (a bit) and the design looks like Sweetie Belle's, she looks a little like Diamond Tiara, So I am guessing it is possibly Princess Cadance's sister.Or She has a Sibling that married a few years ago and has her as there daughter, which could make her Cadance's neice.There is also a Earth Filly called Apple Sprout, which I am guessing is a relative of Applejack, along with a pegasus CottonBelle, by the sound of it sounds like a relative of Rarity's and Sweetie Belle's for the Belle part and for the Pegasus part, a relative of Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy.Another one, Lullaby Moon which sounds like a relative of Rainbow Dash since there both Pegasus', or Fluttershy.So what is the mystery Between these 4 Fillies? We Will have to find out.