I decided to make a version of the birthday game (Amelia the Writer started The Birthday Game just to let you's know), in this version, everything seems normal and fun, no mishaps or inciddents, everyone is happy.


January - You and X go to see a movie

Febuary - You and X go Ice-Skating

March - You and X go and see a parade and Y is in it

April - X buys you a box of choclates and Y buys you flowers

May - You and X go for a lovely walk in a big field.

June - You and X go sunbathing while Y builds a sand-castle

July - You and X go to Paris for 5 days.

August - You and X and Y go to a Water Park

September - You and X eat Ice-Cream while Y buys you a ornament

October - You and X go shopping while Y offers to pay

November - You and X play some very fun games while Y later on joins in

December - You and X go and play in Snow.

X's and Y's

Any character you want.

What happens to me

Me and Lyra Heartstrings go to Paris for 5 days.Yay.