January: You X and Y go to the beach.

February: You hook X up with Y.

March: X and Y make you a lovely dress or suit whatever gender.

April: You and X make muffins.

May: You and X do a cover of the song 'On The Floor'.

June: You and X go on an epic adventure.

July: You and X do a cover of the song 'Telephone'.

August: You and X make wine

September: X makes you a cake

October: X buys you an iPhone 7

November: You and X do a cover of a song called 'Dark Horse'

December: You and X play in the snow, while Y and R have a snowball fight:

I'll try to mix up usernames so they're not in the same places as they always are:

1.Bluelighting, 2.Jonny Manz, 3.Amelia The Writer, 4.MoonshineStars, 5.The Toxic, 6.Ozuzanna, 7.FoxOfRarity, 8.Pinklady1 (since you're born on the 8th, just choose Power), 9.PowerStar89, 10.FlameStar101, 11.The Candlekeeper, 12.Spike the Dragon, 13.Crimson "Valent" Azure, 14.Filly Please, 15.Dragon Theology, 16.Callofduty4, 17.Jonny Manz, 18.ImperfectXIII, 19.The Bunker Guy, 20.ShadowPirateX, 21.SeaSwirl10, 22.343 The Guility Prophet, 23.Pony and meatball sub, 24.The Fennec Fox, 25.Crystal Blue, 26.TimelessPeople, 27.Zony, 28.Nihi, 29.Gaga234, 30.KleptoBrony, 31.Epic Ares


1.Bronymon, 2.Sentrakk, 3.General Twilight Sparkle, 4.SublimePie, 5.Professor Pickles/Haedman, 6.Fony Pony, 7.Princess Iris, 8.EHAN, 9.ToskiHero, 10.Ms Black Ops, 11.Rarityfan/Tanner, 12.Ponyo Fan/Violet

R: Nicki Minaj

And for me: Me and The Candlekeeper do a cover of a song 'Telephone' (yay)