January: X buys you a pink dress/blue suit (whatever gender)

February: X buys you a glass of wine

March: X makes you a muffin

April: X snuggles you

May: X kisses you

June: X buys you a nice blanket

July: You and X play in snow

August: You and X travel to Equestria

September: You give X a cookie

October: You and X make apple pie

November: You and X buy eachother gifts

December: You and X make snow angels


1.Ariana Grande, 2.Taylor Swift, 3.Adele, 4.Miley Cyrus, 5.Katy Perry, 6.Lady Gaga, 7.Shakira, 8.Ellie Goulding, 9.Beyonce, 10.Jessie J, 11.Selema Gomez, 12.Kesha, 13.Pitbull, 14.Eminem, 15.Rihanna, 16.Make will made it, 17.Jennifer Lopez, 18.David Geutta, 19.P!nk, 20.Chris Brown, 21.Drake, 22.Will.I.Am, 23.Carly Rae Jaspen, 24.Iggy Azelea, 25.Charli XCX, 26.Justin Bieber, 27.Avicii, 28.Nicki Minaj, 29.Bruno Mars, 30.Kayne West, 31.Juicy J