We haven't done one with users for a while, so let's do one!

January:You and X play in snow

Febuary:You and X bake some muffins

March:X buys you a lovely dress

April:X gives you some flowers

May:X tucks you in

June:You and X go to the beach

July:You get hugged by X

August:You get kissed by X

September:X kisses you

October:You get turned into a baby and X has to take care of you

November:You and X sings a song

December:You and X go on a date


1.Call of duty 4, 2.Princess Iris, 3.ImperfectXIII, 4.Rallinale, 5.Jonny Manz, 6.Ozuzanna, 7.Amelia the Writer, 8.Spike the Dragon (me), 9.Candle Keeper, 10.Flutterbot, 11.James the Bunny, 12.Filly Please, 13.Timeless People, 14.Fony Pony, 15.Moonshine Stars, 16.Nihi the Brony, 17.Willow, 18.Guild MasterGroyvle, 19.ShadowPirateX, 20.Pinklady1, 21.Kiadony, 22.Appleboy2, 23.Epicalaxy Master, 24.EHAN, 25.Powerstar, 26.FlameStar101, 27.Yoshida Tadayoshida, 28.Ghostkaiba, 29.ThePonyLover867, 30.JrMime, 31.Crimson "Valent" Azure

And mine is ... I get hugged by James the Bunny, aww, what a sweet little dude.

That was not intentional and please tell me if I listed your name wrong, if you're not down here, I will try to put you in next game.

Have fun.