We haven't had one of these in a while, so let's give it a shot:

January: X turns into a kitten and sits on your lap

February: X turns into a big spider that makes you cry

March: X brings you to the beach for the day

April: You and X go back in time

May: You and X try to save the world, but X is too busy working on their mixtape

June: You and X visit a haunted house for the night

July: You turn into Princess Daisy, while X turns into Princess Peach

August: You and X do weird poses while someone takes photos

September: X turns into a baby and you have to take care of them

October: You and X get married, turn into immortal, so you're fully together forever

November: You turn into a baby and X eats you

December: X finds you can fly and rides on you

X's (depends on the first letter of your username)

A.Miley Cyrus, B.Kim Kardashian, C.Demi Lovato, D.Nicki Minaj, E.Kylie Jenner, F.Khloe Kardashian, G.Justin Bieber. H.Lady Gaga, I.Rihanna, J.Katy Perry, K.Kendall Jenner, L.Kanye West, M.Shakira, N.Kourtney Kardashian, O.Kris Jenner, P.Bruce Jenner, Q.Eminem, R.Rob Kardashian, S.Beyonce, T.Paris Hilton, U.Lil Wayne, V.Jay-Z, W.Drake, Y.Britney Spears, Z.Taylor Swift

Non-Letter or Non English letter: Iggy Azalea