This will be the last b-day game until Christmas, anyways, time to get to the things:

January: X licks your eye

February: You and X go swimming in Coke.

March: You and X make a cake in the shape of a unicorn and look at it forever

April: You turn into Beyonce and X turns into Jay-Z

May: You and X go on the hop (skipping school)

June: X turns into a baby and you hold him/her

July: You turn into Jennifer Lopez and X turns into Pitbull

August: X snuggles you

September: X bites you while you're asleep

October: You and X visit a haunted house

November: You cuddle X as a baby

December: You and X see a huge spider and X cries.


1.Callofduty4, 2.Amelia The Writer, 3.Powerstar89, 4.Ozuzanna, 5.Bluelighting, 6.Spike the Dragon, 7.Seaswirl10, 8.ImperfectXIII, 9.Moonshine Stars, 10.The Candlekeeper, 11.Unknown Prodigy, 12.The Toxic, 13.Sentrakk, 14.KleptoBrony, 15.Ehan, 16.Greatness The NightWing, 17.Morning Glory the Dashite, 18.Crimson "Valent" Azure, 19.Zony514, 20.Yoshida Tadayoshi, 21.The Bunker Guy, 22.Epic Ares, 23.Silverbolt, 24.Bronymon, 25.DeltusOpus, 26.Smith B, 27.Professor Pickles, 28.Novabomb1, 29.Epicalaxy Master, 30.Filly Please, 31.Rallinale