You know the rules by now:

January: X licks you while you're asleep.

February: You and X make a unicorn made from sugar

March: You and X go for walk in a forest

April: X holds you

May: X tickles you

June: X holds you

July: You and X French kiss

August: You and X go snowboarding

September: X buys you a muffin

October: You tuck X in

November: You and X get married

December: You and X go back in time

I'll just mix the x's up a bit:

1.Sunshower Raindrops, 2.Doctor Hooves, 3.DJ Pon-3, 4.Octavia Melody, 5.Minuette, 6.Derpy, 7.Lyra Heartstrings, 8.Twinkleshine, 9.Parasol, 10.Rose, 11.Lyra, 12.Golden Harvest, 13.Amethyst Star, 14.Shoeshine, 15.Rainbow Dash, 16.Daring Do, 17.Princess Luna, 18.Applejack, 19.Twilight Sparkle, 20.Fluttershy, 21.Rarity, 22.Pinkie Pie, 23.Apple Bloom, 24.Sweetie Belle, 25.Shining Armour, 26.Princess Cadance, 27.Soarin, 28.Thunderlane, 29.Big MacInTosh, 30.Sunset Shimmer, 31.The Dazzlings (all 3)