Hello everyone, I made a blog, and basically you say things you hate or dislike about yourself.

I might as well start:

  1. I feel like I was born the wrong gender.
  2. I feel pretty much useless in real life, I feel pretty much neglected by family members in real life.
  3. I'm pretty stupid, I always get myself into awful situations.
  4. I do somethings, a lot of them, later on I regret and hate myself for doing, others, they're unrepairable.
  5. Anytime I try to make a friend in real-life, this mostly happened when I was a kid, well, whenever I tried to make friends with them, they retreat as if I am going to do something awful to them.
  6. I randomly decide to spit alot.

I have lots more, but what things do you hate about yourself ?