In the Brony fandom, what fads or trends do you dislike or feel uncomfortable with?

These are mine:

-The fact that most Bronies classify Spike as a recurring character: Just because he doesn't have a mane doesn't he isn't a mane character! I don't take in as much interest as I used to to him, but still :/

-Genderswaps: Where do I begin with these? For starters, the gender swapped characters look ugly, the characters are fine with their regular gender, and their gender swapped counterparts look NOTHING like what an actual pony would look like on the show, the male versions look too big, the male and female (as in the female versions of stallions) have manes and tails that look like nothing you'd see on the show. The Genderswaps are just not my thing.

-Bringing Ponies into everything: For example, Pony crossovers with video game series. It tends to make non-Bronies annoyed with Bronies.

- Ponification of Non-Pony things: Again, it makes non-Bronies annoyed with Bronies.

-When Bronies want the entire show to be about background ponies.

Note: This isn't suppose to be "Who do you hate in the Brony fandom blog" :P

EDIT: I actually like ponification now.

EDIT AGAIN: Actually I dislike them again.