You do the following thing according to the first letter of your username (I decided to make these super random):

A: You get paid 4 million of whatever your currency is if you walk to Saturn.

B: You go back in time to the time of the dinosaurs for two hours.

C: You suddenly go really insane and go to the top of a mountain and start screaming.

D: You want to know how it feels to be a cattle, so you eat grass.

E: You want to be Miley Cyrus, so you go and break every bulding in the world with a Wrecking Ball.

F: You find lots of fluffy Unicorns, billions of them.

G: You turn into a fork in a restaurant and you can move, which would probably freak everyone out.

H: You turn into a muffin, and someone eats you.

I: You make lots of money appear from nowhere.

J: You turn into a fluffy kitten and everyone cuddles you.

K: You go insane and start laughing really strangely and creepily.

L: You try to eat a lightbulb while it's on.

M: You put pizzas in a blender and drink them.

N: You somehow learn every language humans speak.

O: You cure anyone who has an illness when you look at them.

Q: You suddenly have a really good singing voice

R: You turn into a skeleton, but you're alive and you wonder why everyone is looking at you

S: You get to hug my OC, and another 10 OC's.

T: You walk to end of the universe and decide to take a few pics, then walk back to Earth.

U: You find out you can shoot small balls of flames.

V: You turn into a 90 year old.

W: You turn into a 9 year old.

Y: You find lots of jewels, diamomds and you can shoot lightning at people who try steal it.

Z: You turn into a baby lion cub too cute to not hug, no matter what species.