You get married to the followig pony according to the first letter of your username, who do you get married to?

A: Princess Celestia

B: Princess Luna

C: Lyra Heartstrings

D: Sweetie Drops

E: Sea Swirl (as in the pony)

F: Derpy

G: DJ-Pon3

H: Amethyst Star

I: Maud Pie

J: Shining Armour

K: Big McInTosh

L: Braeburn

M: Soarin

N: Thunderlane

O: Sunshower Raindrops

P: Caramel

Q: Cheerilee

R: Zecora

S: Princess Cadance

T: Twilight Sparkle

U: Apple Fritter

V: Sunset Shimmer

W: Adagio Dazzle

X: Sonata Dusk

Y: Aria Blaze

Z: Prince Blueblood

Any non English letter or non of the above: Scootaloo