You see the following thingg according to the first letter of your username, what do you see?

A: A pink ghost

B: A really small kitten

C: An alien that stares at you, but it's very small

D: A purple unicorn

E: A huge spider that will forever haunt you

F: A really huge moth that will make you cry

G: A really cute MLP pony

H: A really creepy, skinny figure in the dark distance

I: Miley Cyrus swinging from a Wrecking Ball from the sky

J: A nice puppy that likes hugs

K: A really scary vintage photo

L: A green goat

M: A really nice dlower

N: A really cute baby

O: A really nice dress, that is not that ugly black and blue dress

P: A really large grasshopper that will make you scared of grass

Q: A lot of money that you try to steal, but get caught

R: Lots of shiny diamonds

S: Baby lions that are cute and cuddly

T: Really scary houses

U: A really dark creepy starirway

V: Scary clowns

W: A really high summit and it's scary to look down

X: A really nice coat

Y: A really confusing math sentence

Z: Really colourful baby birds

Non letter: Anything you want.