I've officially ran out of blog game ideas, so let's just stick to opinion-expression blogs.

What are some of your unpopular opinions? They can be MLP related or not.

Also, you're allowed to question someone's opinion, but if you're going to criticise an opinion, please keep it to light and constructive criticism. Also, please don't mention anything religion-related or politcal, as it is easy to see how that will cause fights.

Also, please don't mention anything negative about race, gender, sexuality, or anything like that. Very easy to see how that can lead to fights.

Here are some of my unpopular opinions:

-I don't get what's so amazing about older music. I'm not saying it's bad, but some older music fans are completely obessesed.

-I don't like parties (birthday parties I do like, but most other parties? No).

-I think Furries have it worse than Bronies (not saying Bronies don't get a lot of hate, but Furries get more hate from what I can see).

-I don't hate Donald Trump. I just don't agree with a lot of things he says.

-I don't hate newer SpongeBob. I just don't find it as good as older SpongeBob.

-I don't hate Alicorn OC's.

-I like The Mysterious Mare Do Well.

-I don't watch much animes. I watch Naruto (online, it doesn't air in my country), and that's about it.

-I like Generation 3 of My Little Pony.

So, what are your unpopular opinions that you'd like to share?