Dino-Mite walked to the castle, wondering why Princess Cadance wanted his presence on such short notice. He reached the castle gates and noticed that there were no guards, so he let himself in. Dino-Mite entered the empty castle room, where Princess Cadance was weaving a cloak with her magic. Her hair was messed up, and her eyes were bloodshot, she hadn't slept for weeks. "Dino-Mite, thank Celestia you're here. I've been looking everywhere for you. Where have you been?" "I've just been looking for new species of prehistoic creatures, Princess...I didn't know you needed me...what's wrong?" Dino-Mite noticed that the princess was breathing heavily. "Why would anything be wrong Dino-Mite?" "Because you're weaving a cloak and you look like a psycho." Cadance smoothed her hair down. "Never mind about that, you can look for fossils later. I have a special mission for you. Do you remember the parasprites?" "Of course Princess..." Dino-Mite wondered what the princess had to do with parasprites. "Well, their geneology is enormous, they have almost 100 connections with different creatures, some that live even further than the Everfree Forest. Some that even may be or not be extinct." Suddenly, Dino-Mite realized what the princess was about to ask him. "Princess, have the parasprites come back to Equestria?" Cadance put her head on the windowsill. "Yes, Dino-Mite, the parasprites have returned. I don't know how or why, but they have returned. They attacked Fillydelphia and ate everything, there was nothing left when I went to investigate, not even the ponies." Dino-Mite's eyes widened. "Not even the ponies? But why, Princess? Everybody in Equestria knows to wait for Celestia or Luna or you to help them rebuild what the parasprites destroy. Why would they leave?" "That's just it, Dino-Mite. I don't think they left." "You mean the parasprites-" Cadance glanced back at Dino-Mite and nodded, tears falling from her face. Dino-Mite rushed to Cadance's side. "How, Princess, how did they obtain the ability to...well, you know..." "Don't say it. The only explanation is that they have finally-" "-evolved and acquired the ability and appetite to eat ponies." Dino-Mite embraced the princess. "I'm sorry this happened. Where are they now?" "My magic has allowed me to track them to Las Pegasus. I must stop them before they eat every pony in Equestria." "Is that why you made the cloak?" Princess Cadance got up and finished weaving the cloak. Then, she put it on and disappeared. "An invisibility cloak? Amazing, Princess!" "Yes, and it also cloaks my scent, the parasprites will never know that I'm coming." "But what will you do?" "Celestia, Luna and I will put on these invisibility cloaks, find the parasprites, and combine our magic to get rid of the parasprites once and for all." "Good luck, Princess, but why did you call me here?" "I need you to go to the future to make sure that the parasprites don't reappear, I will be sending you to different time periods up to nine thousand years ahead of today's date. Do you feel up to the task?" "I believe so, Princess, but how will I get there and come back?" "I will personally transport you there myself, but to make sure that you go to all time periods, I will make you a bubble that serves as a portal and protection, just in case something happens that we don't know about. Ready, Dino-Mite?" "Yes, Princess, I'm ready." "Alright, here we go." Cadance closed her eyes, and her horn began to glow with its blue aura that became bigger until its reached the size of the room, then electricity flashed everywhere, and Dino-Mite began to levitate with the blue aura surrounding him as it formed to his body. Then the whole room flashed white and Dino-Mite was gone. "Good luck, Dino-Mite. I await your return." Cadance put on her cloak and left the room.