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    February 22, 2013 by Splodge Inks

    As you all know, Derpy should be leaving us. 

    Why do such a thing?! Derpy is one of the biggest icons for My Little Pony! She gives big publicity! 

    So why get rid of her? Apparently, parents have been calling it "offienceive", I believe you all know this. So will Hasbro change there mind? Will she be brought back?

    She is being "phased out", being taken out gradually so us Bronies would be left less upset... WE ARE MORE UPSET! Well, I think we are, but KYM, MLB and here, The Whole Brony Fandom love Derpy and are freaking out for poor Derpy. 

    We want Derpy to stay, so will she? Give me your views, please... If you want? :D

    Splodge Inks (talk) 09:07, February 22, 2013 (UTC)

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