General Zoi's Pony Creator is a high-tech, but simple game on Doll Divine.
FANMADE Ponycreatoropen
You can choose everything to the height, body shape, and even the pose of your pony! It is a truly amazing game, and everyone who plays it will be calling their friend on the phone, or asking the people on the chat if they can make them a pony.


You can create the pony of your dreams. With just the tap of a few buttons,

All the options you have access to to create your very own pony!

you can do anything you want! Customize everything from wings, horns, bodies, manes, tails...etc. The possibilities are, like, endless!


The link to this amazing game is here at:

Remember, too much fan art is not allowed here on this wiki, so if you want to post the pony(s) you created, just post them on MLP Fan Labor wiki, which can be reached here: My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki.