Hey guys, I have been making MLP OC's lately for the people of deviantART, and thought I should bring the opportunity to YOU!!! So, if you want me to make you a custom OC pony, just give me these details, and post them in the comments below. Each OC takes me anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to make, depending on the details. I am a student, so I will be busy with school sometimes, so please be understanding. Thanks guys! :D

Here are the details I need for me to create an OC for you:

Body color(s):
Mane/tail color(s):
Mane/tail style:
Eye color:
Type (pegasus, earth, unicorn, alicorn):
Cutie mark (if one):
Personality (so I can pick a base with that expression, or pose):
Other (any additional thing you would like to add):