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Madeline Peters, Voice of Scootaloo

Hey everyone, it's me, Spottedlions, and I have recently listened to Everfree Radio's 7th episode, and they interviewed Madeline Peters, who voices Scootaloo. At about 41:19, the interviewer says:

Interviewer: "So they've done an episode featuring Applebloom, and an episode featuring Sweetie Belle, will there be an episode that features Scootaloo or more of her character?"

Madeline Peters: "Yeah, I recently recorded an episode that featured a lot of me, and it was kind of a little bit out of character in some parts, and again, no spoilers, but be ready for something... a little bit surprising!"

I listened to the interview part, and I wrote down her exact words. I wonder what it will be? I hope we find out soon!

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