Can a Film Be So Good It's Bad?12:11

Can a Film Be So Good It's Bad?

After watching Nostalgia Critic's brilliant and thought-provoking video, "Can a Film be So Good it's Bad?",I realized that the very same question could apply to FIM Episodes. I highly recommend you watch the video before commenting, but if you don't have the time, here's the basic gist of this blog: Are there any episodes of Friendship Is Magic that are universally beloved by fans that just don't work for you? Not an episode that you think is Bad, per-se, but left a strong disconnect with you, despite the fact that you don't feel it was a bad episode. 

An example for me would have to be "Pinkie Pride. " I love Pinkie Pie, I love Weird Al, and I love the musical numbers in this show, and yet I don't love Pinkie Pride? What sense does that make? The truth is, I still don't really know. I can totally see why people love and celebrate the episode, there's alot of enjoy about it, but it just didn't grab me or click with me.

There's also the flipside of the coin; Episodes that you know aren't perfect, yet you still love. A Canterlot Wedding, for example, is my favourite episode of the entire series. I love its absorbing presentation, I love the twisted villain, and I adore the more complex story compared to what we were used to seeing from the show by that point. Despite all this, I acknowledge that the Episode is flawed from a storytelling perspective, but in the words of the Critic, "maybe perfection really does lie in imperfection."

Please discuss in the comments what episodes left similar impressions on you. Episodes that you know should be phenomenal but don't Feel phenomenal to you for whatever reason, even though nothing seems to be wrong with the episode itself. "What puzzle had all the right pieces, but didn't click together? List them below, talk about them, and see if anyone else can understand this realm of being perfectly flawed."