Stained Glass Windows have been an integral part of FIM since the Return of Harmony. I always look forward to seeing these majestic peices of art shine and glisten on the walls, and every Season I expect to see at least one new one, and for the most part I haven't been dissapointed. I'll never forget how awesome it was to see Discord make his first apperance slithering around the windows. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen before in an animated show, and was one of the highlights of the Season overall. If I had to pick a favorite window, I'd probably go with the one of Discord being turned to stone by Celestia and Luna, mostly because of the epic backstory that's implied in the image. So, fellow Wikians (is that what you guys are called?), please share with me your favorite Stained Glass Window, or just your thoughts on them in general if you have any!