I'm sure quite a few of you have picked up the fantastic Art of Equestria book that was released in 2015, alongside the release of the third Equestria Girls film: Friendship Games. At this time, Season 5 hadn't even wrapped up yet, so Season 6 wasn't exactly on my mind when reading the book. However, one page always puzzled me, as seen below, The book covers many characters, and Queen Chrysalis's page has a very odd quote. 

"Queen Chrysalis temproarily has control of Princess Cadance's Spirit, causing Chaos in the Crystal Empire."

This seemed like a total mistake on the writer's part, so I shrugged it off for a while. Once Season 6 aired it's first two episodes however, many noticed a changeling(?) flying in the backround towards the episode's ending. Could this odd quote actually be a hint of what's to come, Or does this sound like total baloney. What do you guys think?