Mane six on friendship retreat S7E2

My Philosophy for S7: Low Expectations, High Hopes

I know that a lot of people here greatly enjoyed S6, and I know a lot of people know that I thought it was the "Batman and Robin" of FIM Seasons, but i was curious to know if there was anyone else here who disliked S6, but is still hopeful for S7. The main reason why I feel that this is an odd question is because for the most part, I see people (Usually of EQD) who hate a Season/group of episodes go to the extreme and proudly proclaim how "They're leaving the fandom!" , But I was just curious if there's anyone out there who hated S6 that still wants to love S7? While my expectations for a new MLP Season has never been lower than than they are now (perhaps that'll work out in my favour), I'm still hopeful, and I want to sing the praises of a show that is genuinely one of my favourites  Comment if you're on the same boat as me or otherwise. 

Can anyone relate?