The Stormy Road to Canterlot cover

Much like with last fall's' "Legend of Everfree" Novel, my bookstore decided to release an MLP book early, and this time it was none other than the anticipated Prequel to the feature film. The book is released in a few days, so I recommend that you read it for yourself and come to your own conclusions. (It's a brisk 13-chapter read. You can do it.) That being said, I'll happily answer any questions some of you might have regarding the story. There may be some SPOILERS related to the MLP Movie, so read at your own risk.

'                                         ':SPOILER ALERT:

As for my thoughts on the book, I thought it was decent. The second half is much stronger than the first. Some of Tempest's backstory in the first few chapters feels a tad rushed, but it gets better as it goes along, and reading this book will probably put a very different perspective on how you see her in the trailer. The way she loses her Horn is...brutal. Let's just leave it at that. (unless someone asks of course) I was not prepared for how much I was going to love Grubber. Him and Tempest develop a brother-and-sister type of bond that I found super endearing. There's a scene where the two of them walk up a seemingly endless staircase, which felt like a nod to Spike and Twilight's adventure in the Crystal Empire. The Storm King only makes two apperances, which I thought was rather minimal compared to what I was expecting, but His presence is felt through the story, and many characters speak of him. Speaking of characters, there's a great section where Tempest enters a restaurant in a small town called Drungar, and it reminded me of the Cantina scene from Star Wars. It's a miserable place filled with all sorts of different creatures, most of which are sleeping on the streets. It's a very different location than what we're used to from the series, and my hunch is we've actually seen the townin the trailer already. 

So yeah, pretty gud.

Check it out.