Discord 'how elated I am to hear that' S4E11
 As you know, A very important episode of FIM came out last weekend. Why was it so important you may ask? Well I’ll give you a couple a reasons. One of them being it was a Discord ep, which is always a nice treat. Second of all, It was also going to include Discord’s first ever musical performance. That is something that I have been hoping would happen since Discord made his first appearance way back in early season 2!! Now both of those reasons for anticipation revolve around Discord,but how does the rest of the episode hold up? Well,That’s what i’m here to tell ya.

The things that I liked: 

1. Discord’s song.
Discord 'for your charity' S4E11

"Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are? I know that sounds like a line."

 Holy bananas, years of anticipation could not prepare me for the majesty that was Discord’s song. Everything about it was top notch. The fast paced vocals, the zany visuals, and terrific score,EVERYTHING. it was really nice to hear John de lancie sing in the show. Well..Ok,he doesn't quite sing The song plays out more like a sprechgesang, and has a very chaotic nature to it. Very fitting for The spirit of Chaos if you ask me. This was easily the highlight of the episode for me.

2. The animation.
Cadance "and for good measure" S4E11

What a pretty sunset.. Ooooh look! Two alicorns engaged in battle!!

 This point really goes for season 4 overall, but especially shines in this episode for me. Thepeople at DHX ( the studio that animates the show) are really pushing what flash can do. From the lighting to the facial expressions, nothing is ever stiff or awkward as far as the animation is concerned.

Twilight Sparkle taking letter from Fluttershy S4E11

Fluttershy's excited about the return of a few familiar faces.

3. Fluttershy’s mention of the breezies. This was a minor thing, but it caught my attention because the“Breezies” are actually a race of creatures from My little pony G1 (generation 1) Despite the fact that the old my little pony was less then stellar, (Ok ok,I couldn’t stand it.) It still had a few creative ideas and themes that i really hoped G4 (FIM )would explore. The breezies are going to get their own episode soon (Entitled “It an’t easy being breezies) and I am super pumped to see what they do with them.

4. The crystal empire train. Coolest thing i've seen in season 4 thus far! They need to make a toy out of that hting as soon as possible. I sure hope we see it again this season!!

Cadance's train S4E11

Fear me!!!

Flash Sentry ID S4E11

"Remember me?"

Things I didn’t like: 1: Flash! Why did you not say anything!? We haven’t seen you since Equestria Girls! What is your deal man? 

other then that...Nothing else I can think of at the moment! Well played Discord...well played.

Overall:This episode was a great example of the show’s progression in quality. Season 4 in general has been a mixed bag to some,and I’ll admit that there are even a few things about this season that have left me feeling a tad confused. But this episode is the cream of the crop of the season so far. Topping even the opening two parter for me. Terrific episode. 
Necklace showing Twilight and Discord S4E11

Best. Neckless. Ever.