Gilda is not amused S1E05

Something I thought about over on EQD, and thought I'd share my thoughts here to see if anyone else had anything to offer. Someone mentioned that they liked how Gilda returned in Season 5, and while it was initially exciting to see her again, I found her reformation and backstory kind of dumb and generic. I actually preferred the idea of Gilda being a one-time character. There was a great quote from Lauren Faust in the Elements of Harmony Guidebook regarding her stance on reforming villains. 

"I think it's a double-edged Sword to reforming villains. It's good to see them come around, because it shows us that people can change and that if you find yourself making a mistake, you yourself can change and be forgiven. However, I also feel it's actually important to show some villains remain villainous. Unfortunately, in this world, we run into people who will continue to hurt us no matter how much kindness we show them. It's realistic to show that this can happen and that it's best to cut abusive people out of our lives, like Rainbow Dash did with Gilda." 

I'd have to agree with Faust on this one. Besides, it's not like Gilda has become a recurring character since that Griffonstone episode. (Non-speaking cameo in Fault in our Cutie Marks not withstanding.) I feel like they took a harsh yet mature moral from Griffon the Brush Off and really undermined it with The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone. Feel free to share how you feel about this topic.