King Sombra smiles S3E2


Now personally,i enjoyed King Sombra. But i can see why many dislike the charecter(lack of screen time,little to no lines,cheesy desgin and so on). However,one thing that strikes me as interesting about him is that we see 3 DIFFRENT sombra's.Let me explain. 

First,we see him as a unicorn.Now this seems to be many people's favorite form Sombra takes,as it looks the most like an actual charecter rather then a force of nature. He also breifly takes on his unicorn form once again,towards the ending of the epasode.

King Sombra shadow form ID S3E01
After that,we see him as simply black smoke with two big green eyes.Lets call this bad boy 'Smokey'. Now THIS is my favorite of the King sombra forms,as it just look the most threatning in my eyes. I would have loved to see more
Paper faced Sombra S3E2

of it.

Finnaly,we have the black smoke with a big paper sombra head popping out of it. I like to call this one the 'South park King sombra'. He just......looks like his head is made out of paper....and i'm not quite sure why. Definitly my least favorite of the King sombra forms.

But enough about my opinions! Let's here about what you have to say. Whitch King Sombra form was the best? Let me know in the comments section below.
Paper faced Sombra S3E2