Main cast and Discord's statue wide shot S03E10

"I have use for Discord's magic if it can be reformed so serve good instead of evil."

I'm sure that I'm not the first to admit that I was a little skeptical when they announced back in season three that they were going to reform Discord. My problem was that I loved Discord as a villain in season 2, and had more epic ways in mind of how he should return. When Keep Calm and Flutter on aired however, I did find myself enjoying the episode. The writers seemed to intentionally keep Discord's reformation vague enough so that in season 4, anything could happen. So far season 4 has been a bit of a mixed bag (better then Season 3 for me, but not beter then season 1 or 2) and I think Discord's charecter has helped play a part in that for me personally. One line of dialogue that intigued me the most in Keep calm and Flutter on was when Celestia stated that she had use for Discord's magic if it could be used for good instead of evil. Could this mean that another new villain was on the way that Discord would have to help fight? Does Celestia just want Discord to re-model Equestria? (Remember, He doesn't do Windows...) Unfortunately, they haven't picked up on that yet. It seemed like that line of dialouge was long forgotten, until I read the synopisis for the season finale.

"Princess Celestia chooses Discord over Princess Twilight to help track down a villain."

Discord innocent shrug S03E10

Sometimes even I don't know what I'm going to do next!"

Now this really excites me. This feels like it's going to be the payoff I've been waiting for since Discord's new story arc started with Keep Calm and Flutter On. On April First,a game was released on the Hub website that's storyline involved Discord stealing all the colour of Equestria. Could this be connected to the finale? Who knows! There's also the quetion of what's in the box, What does this Rainbow Power that's appearing in all the merchandise mean, and what could Twilight's "Kingdom" Possibly be? This could be the gamechanger of the seriese, and I for one am excited.