My Little Pony: The Candy or Drinking Game

Of course, this does not have to be played with alcoholic drinks.  When I watch the show with my kids, instead of drinks we use M&Ms (or Smarties, or Skittles) - where you'd take a drink, they instead get a candy.

But when do you get a candy?

When you notice certain things happening! Here is the list (but feel free to extend it yourself)

Take ONE candy/drink for:

  • Big Mac says 'eeyup' or 'nnope' (you might want to suspend this one if watching Pinkie Apple Pie)
  • Pinkie Pie breaks the laws of physics (fits into an impossibly small place, appears from the wrong direction, breaks the fourth wall, etc)
  • Twilight checks something off of a checklist
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders shout "Cutie mark crusaders (something) - YAY!"
  • Pinkie Pie shoulds "Best (something) EVER!"
  • Rarity says "It.. is... on!"
  • Rarity says "Worst... possible... thing!"
  • Applejack shouts "Yeehaw!"
  • Rainbow Dash says "So.... awesome....!"
  • Anyone makes a Pinkie Promise
  • Anyone says "... FOREVER!"

Take FIVE candies, or finish your drink, for:

  • Fluttershy performs The Stare
  • Rainbow Dash performs a sonic rainboom
  • Derpy appears (but ONLY the person/people who spotted her!)
  • Doctor Hooves appears (any incarnation) (but ONLY the person/people who spotted him!)