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    Hey! I just read the Legend of Everfree online. It was great in my opinion, but that's not I am gonna share to you right now :P I notice some song and would like to share it with you because I think they're interesting. This may be a song in the movie too or maybe the movie will have longer version than one written in the book. Or maybe more songs? ;) Spoilers ahead!

    That's all I found! :D Who knows if there will be more songs in the movie version. But from what I've heard, book isn't 100% accurate. Everything in this blog is a prediction so it may be different than the one in the movie.
    That's all for now, bye!
    -Your friend, Starlight Glimmers ;)

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  • Starlight Glimmers

    Just a little story game I made :P Copy this to get your story.

    Post your story in the comments. Enjoy what you will get :P

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  • Starlight Glimmers

    Hey everypony! As you see I am the most magical pony in Equestria. It's me Starlight Glimmers! But today I am not going to steal your cutie marks, today I am making my own award show called My Little Pony 2015 Award Show. I dont know if anypony ever make this kind of post but after a search, I dont think anypony ever come up with this idea (Correct me if I am wrong?). I am making it as huge as I can with many categories to vote. So here we go, let the votes begin.

    Vote ends at December 25 and result will be post as fast as I can after the counting done.

    Best Mane 6
    alicorn princess

    Starlight Glimmer ♥

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  • Starlight Glimmers

    I have some rumors and prediction for this episode. I think this is what will happen to mane 6 if the rainbooms wasn't happen:

    • Fluttershy: I think, Fluttershy have 50% changes to get her cutie mark even the rainboom wasn't happen. After she sing the song, she will talk to animals and play with them and discovered that they can understand Fluttershy and Fluttershy realized that she can communicates with the animals, then she got her cutie mark. The other 50% is right after the song, she play with the animals for a short time and later get bored then return to Cloudsdale without realized that she can communicate with the animals.
    • Pinkie Pie: Her family won't let Pinkie Pie inside her own home because she's late. I think if the rainboom wasn't …

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