Hey everypony! As you see I am the most magical pony in Equestria. It's me Starlight Glimmers! But today I am not going to steal your cutie marks, today I am making my own award show called My Little Pony 2015 Award Show. I dont know if anypony ever make this kind of post but after a search, I dont think anypony ever come up with this idea (Correct me if I am wrong?). I am making it as huge as I can with many categories to vote. So here we go, let the votes begin.

Vote ends at December 25 and result will be post as fast as I can after the counting done.

Now for last categories which I dont make polls for it. It's the:

  • Best episode
  • Worst Episode (yeah, the only 'worst' category)
  • Best Pony
  • Best Song

For that category, you can vote in the comment. Vote ends at December 25 and result of comment votes and polls will be counted after the votes end. That's it for now. Let the votes begin!
If this one success, I might make one next year :D
Your future evil alicorn princess
Starlight Glimmer ♥