Hey! I just read the Legend of Everfree online. It was great in my opinion, but that's not I am gonna share to you right now :P I notice some song and would like to share it with you because I think they're interesting. This may be a song in the movie too or maybe the movie will have longer version than one written in the book. Or maybe more songs? ;) Spoilers ahead!

Spoilers ahead

==First song==

Not sure who sing it, but it says "Led by Principal Celestia, the students on the bus were singing." But I think it is the opening theme song in the movie from what it looks like. And I think it's a prelude of The Legend you're meant to be.

Will you be lost by time or part of history?
It's up to you to make the person that you want to be.
Come to a magical place that's full of mystery,
Where you can be part of the Legend of Everfree

You're more that what you think you are.
A shining flame or a dark star.

The storytellers change, but legends last eternally.
And if you play your part, you'll be more than a story.
You will become the Legend of Everfree!

Second song

Twilight Sparkle sing this because she worried of Midnight Sparkle. Obviously a lament song. I think the title will be "I can't escape Midnight" or "Escape the Midnight"

It used to be so simple, the world I understood.
I didn't know what I didn't know, and life was so good.
Then I had to ask questions. The peculiar caught my eye.
And what I've seen can't be unseen. There is no way to hide
Everytime I think or feel, the monster inside proves to be real
Even though I reach for the light, I can't escape Midnight.
Wrestling with the darkness takes it toll.
It's seen my face; it knows my soul.
How can I protect my friends, make sure my world doesn't end?
Even though I reach for the light, I can't escape Midnight.

Third Song

Sunset Shimmer sing this. Sunset trying to make her friends believe that magic not always scary and their magic could make things better. So probably this is happy song or upbeat song. I think the title will be "Embrace the Magic"

Sunset Shimmer: So you have magic,
And it's not that great.
But when it found you, it was fate.
It's scary but it's wonderfull, too.
Just keep at it, and you'll agree.
Embrace the Magic, then you will see.
It's better once you know it's part of you.

Oh, to have your energy!
How amazing life would be!
You can turn the everyday into a blast.

Super speed, it's so much fun.
In five seconds you'll get it done!
You really know what it means to be fast!

If you embrace the magic, there is so much you can do.
If you just embrace the magic, you'll find a better you.

Super strength, what's there to say?
There's nothing standing in your way
Moving things with ease? It must be swell!

Crystal shield, it's more than bling.
Protect your friends from anything.
Even if that something is themshelves!

Animals, they're mysteries,
To talk to them is quiet a feat.
I'm sure they have interesting things to say.

As for me,
I've got the touch.
Close to someone, I can learn so much.
It's a power I hope never goes away

Together: If you just embrace the magic, there is so much you can do!

Fourth song (The Legend You're Meant To Be)

Maybe Mane 7 sings this. But isn't this song already on the Workshop page? From the book, it looks like it may be a song that sing in the background because Mane 7 is preparing for the Crystall Ball. But I think last few part will be actually sing by Mane 7 because above the lyric in the book that I bold the part, it says "Rarity thrummed her keytar. Fluttershy shook her tambourine. Applejack let loose with some power chords from her bass. They were ready to rock!"

I used to think that stories were just that.
Set in stone, concrete as a fact.
It didn't come to that I could change history.
Now I know I write my own,
Fight my way to the ending that I want.
I'll turn a tragedy to an epic fantasy!

Hey, hey, hey.
You can be a hero, too.
Take my hand; I am here for you!
Come, come away with me.
Be the legend you're meant to be!
You are and always wll be Everfree!

There was a time when fear hold me down.
I let it chain me to the ground
But now I'm soaring.
Life is never boring!
I'm as awesome as I wanna be
But I'm more than I believed.
Faster than lightning and more exciting.
We'll be sight you can't miss,
Just trust in us 'cause we got this!
We're always sure to win.
If we harness the power that's within.

Come, come away with me.
Be the legend you're meant to be!
You are and always will be Everfree!


That's all I found! :D Who knows if there will be more songs in the movie version. But from what I've heard, book isn't 100% accurate. Everything in this blog is a prediction so it may be different than the one in the movie.
That's all for now, bye!
-Your friend, Starlight Glimmers ;)