I have some rumors and prediction for this episode. I think this is what will happen to mane 6 if the rainbooms wasn't happen:

What happened to the mane six?

  • Fluttershy: I think, Fluttershy have 50% changes to get her cutie mark even the rainboom wasn't happen. After she sing the song, she will talk to animals and play with them and discovered that they can understand Fluttershy and Fluttershy realized that she can communicates with the animals, then she got her cutie mark. The other 50% is right after the song, she play with the animals for a short time and later get bored then return to Cloudsdale without realized that she can communicate with the animals.
  • Pinkie Pie: Her family won't let Pinkie Pie inside her own home because she's late. I think if the rainboom wasn't happen. She will stay in the watchtower and Pinkie will stay as a rock farmer and probably her name still Pinkamena Diane Pie.
  • Twilight Sparkle: If the rainboom wasn't happen, Twilight would never pass her entrance exam. And Spike would not never ever born. Or Spike will belonged to someone else who successfully hatched his egg. And Twilight will never be Celestia's student. Which really means, if she is not Celestia's student, she never learn the magic of friendship. She will never be an alicorn. I predict that when Starlight successfully stop the rainboom, her wings will gone.
  • Applejack: If the rainbom wasn't happen, I think she still stay in Manehattan, not Ponyville. And still trying to be part of Orange family, not apple. Or maybe her name will change to Orangejack, LOL. And i have a feeling she will meet Cheese Sandwich as a filly.
  • Rarity: If the rainboom wasn't happen, Rarity would never realized her gem finding spell. She will think that her destiny is rock. Then she have 2 choices, back to her school and continue her work to make a dress, or leave her school and be a rock farmer or something to do with rocks.
  • Rainbow Dash: If her rainboom was failed, I think that two ponies will continue mocking her. And.... she would never earn her cutie mark except she got to do the rainboom. Then she realized that Fluttershy fall down from Cloudsdale and before Fluttershy got to communicate with the animals, Rainbow Dash tell her to go back to Cloudsdale.

Time Conflicts: Villains

What will happen to the past villain?

  • Will Luna would still be Nightmare Moon because the real elements of harmony (Mane 6) are not there? Even Celestia can turn her to good, she can't do it without friends. The elements of harmony lost it's power since Celestia banish Luna to the moon.
  • Discord could be still in his stone imprisonment or free and make chaos.
  • Queen Chrysalis would marry Shining Armor because nobody feel suspicious about Cadance? THEN... Cadence died in the caves?!?
  • What about Trixie? She will rule Ponyville?!?
  • And Tirek... She got all ponies magic and Equestria is him!

Other Ponies Affected if the Rainboom wasn't happen

I dont know if this will included in the season finale.

  • Cutie Mark Crusader: Sweetie Belle is Rarity's sister. Scootaloo is Rainbow Dash's sister. Apple Bloom is Applejack's sister. If the mane 6 never met, of course CMC will not ever meet each other. Which means: No cutie mark for them!
  • Cheese Sandwich: Cheese got his cutie mark because Pinkie. No Pinkie, No Cheese. And he probably still in his nerd form right now. When he is a colt, remember?!?

Took me so long to make this. Phew