Spoilers for A Canterlot Wedding!!! Read at your own risk.
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Hello everypony!
My name is Serenity, and I would like to discuss the matter of Twilight Sparkle and her sibling bond with her brother, Shining Armor. As we already know, Twilight Sparkle is a female unicorn who has recently learned the joys of friendship. Friendship is truly a magical ideal: you get the wonderful opportunity to enjoy your time with those precious individuals you care about.

What about siblings?

The question I would like to present in this topic of discussion perhaps lies in the answer: does Twilight truly worry about her brother for his sake, or does she fear losing him in the process of him marrying Princess Cadance?

Let's proceed to evaluate Twilight Sparkle's behaviours in regards to her brother. In the first part of A Canterlot Wedding, she receives the wedding invitation about his marriage to "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza". What is Twilight's initial reaction? Utter confusion clouds her mind, which transforms into annoyance, then later, absolute pain. Does Twilight Sparkle have a right to be hurt about her brother getting married? Or to "somepony she doesn't know"? (despite the fact that she actually does know Princess Cadance, but appeared to not have known the princess's proper name). The fact of the matter is, does Twilight feel the necessity to approve her brother's choices- significantly when it comes to marriage?

My opinion rests below: this is just an analysis from my point of view:
In my opinion, Twilight does feel the intense need to approve Shining Armor's choices, but she reserves no right to do so. Despite the fact that the two siblings shared a close bond, when Twilight Sparkle left Canterlot to enjoy time with her new friends in Ponyville, it appears to not be so anymore: at least, from Twilight's perspective. As opposed to being the slightest bit happy for her brother finding a special somepony, especially after she left for her own reasons, Twilight revealed heavy hurt and annoyance, when, quite frankly, she has no reason to be.

She left her brother on his own in Canterlot, and while her decision was not selfish in itself, her reaction to the aftereffects of it were indeed selfish. Why does she have such an issue with Shining Armor getting married- to a pony that made him happy?

Because she's fearful.

She's worried she is going to lose her brother because of the lack of time they spent together (which, she brought upon herself). When he finally finds a spark of happiness, Twilight gets upset. Not because she's worried about him, but more so because she's worried about herself: in summary, losing the pony who she had as a friend when she was a young filly. During her confrontation against the fake Princess Cadance, Twilight Sparkle appears shocked when Shining Armor reveals his anger. As if she thought her beloved brother would choose his sister over the mare he could potentially spend the rest of his days with.

I know. Some might say the old phrase, "blood is thicker than water". It's not.

For example. I am somebody who is in a relationship with somebody who has a sturdy bond with his older brother. Even though I've never gotten along well with my little sister, I can tell how far my boyfriend will go for his brother. However, if there was a situation in which my boyfriend had to choose between me or his brother (and I definitely hope that such a thing would never happen) I can guarantee that I would be defended. Why? Because even though his brother is very precious to him, my boyfriend would choose me because I'll be spending the rest of my life with him. I can provide him with the sort of affection that his brother cannot.

That is exactly what Princess Cadance would do. She would spend her time with the lonely Shining Armor, and provide him with love that Twilight could never give.

So. Opinions? Thoughts? I'm open for a debate, but please don't flame myself or this blog. None of that "twilite sprakle iz beast ponee y u bash her" business, thank you very much.