FANMADE Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike.


Hey there! What's up? I'm just a regular pegasus with the name of Lightning Strike. I love flying in the sky, making sure Ponyville skies stay clean! I'm pretty sure flight camp is calling me there, so I hope I can go!

About Lightning-

Lightning Strike is a solid purple-blue pony with yellow strikes of lightning as her cutie mark. She grew up in Ponyville and went to flight camp, doing the Sonic Rainboom. She then decides to also due magic, even though she was not born with a horn. But she learns many magic tricks and Princess Celestia gives her a horn, making her an alicorn and a princess.

About Me-

I love warrior cats so that is why my username is Stormstar22. I also love My Little Pony, swimming, and writing a lot of stories based on my characters. Hope you enjoy!