Here are some ideas I have for the eighth season of the show. Enjoy.

1. What Happened to the Crystal Heart? - The Crystal Heart is gone causing some serious issues in the Crystal Empire. The ponies are shocked to find out that Discord took the heart!

2. Don’t Shy Away - Fluttershy befriends a pony who is even more shy than her.

3. Friendship is Harder Than it Seems - Starlight Glimmer and Trixie have an argument and decide not to be friends anymore, and Twilight must help them become friends again.

4. Timberwolf Trouble - A Timberwolf attacks Ponyville, and the Mane 6 have to stop it.

5. Cutie Socks - A young filly named Sicksocks starts getting the Cutie Pox, which makes the Crusaders feel like failures.

6. Hearts and Zebras - On Hearts and Hooves Day, Zecora is very tired. She tries to make a potion, but gets the wrong ingredients. Soon, she ends up falling in love with the stallions…

7. I Need a Cake - Everypony is excited to eat Mrs. Cake’s homemade cupcakes. But things get serious when Mrs. Cake’s longtime rival comes and demands more cupcakes.

8. Smile! - Spike refuses to smile when Photo Finish starts to take a picture for this evening’s grand party.

9. Baby Doodles - Cranky and Matilda have their own babies for the Mane 6 to sit.

10. Red As an Apple - The Apple family goes on vacation to Neighagra Falls, but things don’t turn out so well.

11. Cadence’s New Dress - Rarity makes Princess Cadence a very ugly dress for Her dinner with Shining Armor (without realizing it). Embarrassed, Cadence does not want to hurt Rarity’s feelings, so she puts it on resulting in consequences.

12. The Unknown Fashionista - Miss Pommel visits Ponyville to check Rarity’s work. She then gets amazed at the boutique, and decides to make her own.

13. Griffons and Changelings - Gilda meets Thorax, and they do not get along very well.

14. Flurry’s Heart - Flurry has to go to the doctor to get a checkup, but refuses to go.

15. The Great and Powerful Draconequus - Discord decides to do some of Trixie’s tricks, but soon Trixie gets jealous.

16. It’s A Sad Sad Sad Sad World - Prince Rutherford does not feel like himself, so he once again starts to destroy Ponyville.

17. Eye See You - The Mane 5 are acting strangely, so Rainbow Dash starts to get suspicious.

18. Happy Emberday - Spike gets a letter from Princess Ember that today is her birthday, so he does everything he can to make Twilight’s castle feel like Ember’s home.

19. Maud a Problem - Pinkie Pie insists on taking Maud to the Crystal Empire, but soon realizes that Maud recognizes the entire place.

20. Apples-‘n-Orange Seeds - Babs Seed returns to Ponyville and shows Apple Bloom around her house. Apple Bloom soon realizes that Babs’ parents are Aunt and Uncle Orange!

21. Breezie Bloom - Fluttershy meets the Breezies again, and helps them bring flowers to the a Breezie Queen.

22. The Bad Word - Mayor Mare says a bad word (censored with a *squee*), and Pinkie Pie hears it. She starts saying it whenever she gets annoyed, and learns not to use it.

23. Changeling Gala - Princess Celestia and Princess Luna invite Thorax and the other Changelings to the Grand Galloping Gala.

24. Oh Deer - A deer named Lisa comes to Ponyville to spend time with Fluttershy.

25. A Party in Manehattan - Pinkie Pie throws a party in Manehattan to celebrate Miss Pommel’s birthday.

26. Princess Ponies - Twilight gets captured by an evil king (not King Sombra), and it is up to the Mane 5 and Starlight Glimmer to rescue her. Princess Celestia then turns them all in to Alicorn princesses for working so very hard on saving Twilight.