These are my top 20 favorite characters in the show. This is just my personal opinion. If you disagree with my list, that’s fine.

No. 20: Princess Cadance

Princess Cadance

Princess Cadance is adorable, and so is her daughter! I love her mane and eyes because they make her look like a one-of-a-kind princess. She also looks very beautiful as a Crystal Alicorn. I also realized she has the same body design as Princess Luna as well as some other mares. I think that she and Shining Armor are the perfect married couple. Alicorn princesses are just so majestic and wonderful, which is why I love them so much. I just love Cadance, no question.

No. 19: Gabby

Gabby ID S6E19

To tell you the truth, I honestly think Gabby is the most optimistic character I have seen in a while. I honestly really love her voice and the way she talks. Even though Griffons can be a little nasty, I still kind of like them, especially Gabby. She’s cute, funny, and cheerful. My favorite line from her is “I’m so excited to meet you, I could just explode!”.

No. 18: Trixie

Trixie ID S3E05

My Dad and I love Trixie. I loved her in To Where and Back Again when she came up with the code word “Klutzy Draconequus”. I also loved when she got a solo song in Rainbow Rocks. My favorite part was “but I’m an six-course meal, and you’re just burnt toast!”. I love when she and Starlight are together as best friends. Adding Trixie to this list made it even more great and powerful.

No. 17: Miss Pommel

Coco Pommel blushing with pride S5E16

Miss Pommel is so cute! I don’t care if her name was ever changed due to legal reasons, I just want to tickle her tummy. And she looks just so adorable as a little filly. I don’t really like the Manehattan episodes (except for The Gift of the Maud Pie, where she doesn’t appear), but I love Coco and that’s all that matters.

No. 16: Zecora

Zecora Nightmare Night costume ID S2E04

Zecora is a lovely zebra. I am excited to see her in A Health of Information and It Isn't the Mane Thing About You when they come out. Her rhyming couplets are amazing (e.g. “Follow me and very soon, you’ll hear the tale of Nightmare Moon.”). I love zebras, because of their stripes and their beauty. I also love Zecora’s Nightmare Night costume with spiders in her hair. I also love the new look of her hut, although it’s not as good as the original.

No. 15: Starlight Glimmer

Starlight Glimmer ID S5E26

Starlight Glimmemr is very underrated in my opinion. Sure she was a big bad once, but she’s good now and helped saved the ponies in To Where and Back Again. My Dad told me that he was still suspicious of Starlight. I honestly think Starlight is cute! There are too many people who hate this poor pony. There are some villains I just hate to death, and if you like them, that’s great.

No. 14: Steven Magnet

Sea serpent and his new mustache S1E02

Okay, so there aren’t that many male characters on this list, perhaps primarily because a lot of characters in this show are females. Steven Magnet, however, is a cool character. I laughed my head off when I found out that his name originated from a YouTube subtitle error. I loved that he gave Cranky Doodle Donkey his mustache for a wig in Slice of Life. And oh my gosh, is he feminine!

No. 13: Octavia Melody

Octavia Melody ID S4E23

Octavia Melody is wise and serious - like me. I don’t know how to play the cello though. Octavia’s voice is also very beautiful - compared to mine. She is probably one of the greatest background ponies in the show along with Derpy Hooves. Sometimes I wish I had eyes like Miss Melody. I think that Octavia is absolutely lovely when playing the cello (which like I said, I have no idea how to play). Her and DJ Pon-3’s music are like, almost the polar opposite of each other! I still like DJ Pon-3 though, because she is cool, and so is her very catchy music. All in all and nevertheless, I think that Octy is a great and precious character.

No. 12: Spike

Spike ID S4E24

One of the cuter characters on this list. I really love his Garbunkle character, because it looks very cute and funny. And I like the way he was designed. (Apparentally he was based on G1 Spike, whom I think is quite ugly.) Like Starlight Glimmer, I think Spike is underrated. I mean, who wouldn’t like him?! He’s such an adorable baby dragon!! Yeah sure, he can get into a bit of mischief sometimes, but who cares? I like Spike, and Spike likes me.

No. 11: Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle ID S4E07

So yeah. Another Alicorn on this list. Princess Twilight Sparkle is adorable! Her crown and wings are pretty, and her eyes are gorgeous. I remember some sad moments that happened to Twilight: when Discord turned her gray in The Return of Harmony Part 2, when she got abandoned by Shining Armor, Princess Celestia, and Her friends in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1, and when the Golden Oak Library was destroyed by Lord Tirek in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2.

No. 10: Princess Luna

Princess Luna ID S1E02

Princess Luna’s beautiful. I found it really sad when she got banished to the moon as Nightmare Moon. You might disagree with me, but I think her weakened form is better than her powerful-princess-with-moving-mane form. But I have always loved Luna, and that will never ever change for a gazillion millennia.

No. 9: Flurry Heart

Flurry Heart Crystal Pony ID S6E2

I have always loved Alicorns, but also cute and cuddly ones, which is why Princess Celestia is not on this list. But Baby Flurry Heart is adorable. Another underrated character. Probably the cutest filly besides Sweetie Belle.

<--- Flurry also looks adorable as a baby Crystal Alicorn shown here.

No. 8: Maud Pie

Maud smiles at Starlight Glimmer again S7E4

Even though she is deadpan, Maud Pie is sweet and beautiful. She has done so many nice things like saving Pinkie Pie in Maud Pie, and returning Pinkie’s party cannon in The Gift of the Maud Pie. I have also realized that Maud’s gorgeous eyes are shaped like the eyes of many female Crystal Ponies such as Amber Waves, Sapphire Joy, Elbow Grease, and Fleur De Verre.

No. 7: Princess Ember

Ember blushing and patting Spike&#039;s head S6E5

I can’t wait to see Princess Ember in Triple Threat with Thorax. I think Ember is an awesome dragon. She’s very cute and beautiful. I loved when Spike gave her a hug and she blushed. Very cute. I also love Ember’s gorgeous eyes. (I know I talk too much about eyes. I can’t help it!)

No. 6: Derpy

Derpy ID S02E14

A fan favorite. Derpy is famous for her criss-cross wall eye animation error. I think she is the cutest background mare of all time. She reminds me of me when I was little. I hate her new voice though. Her old voice is cute. Her name was changed to Muffins, and she is less googly eyed. I understand it was all changed because it was considered ‘offensive’, but I miss old Derpy.

No. 5: Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle ID S6E4

When you see Sweetie Belle, can you resist the cuteness? I sure can. But still! She’s still the cutest thing! Her voice is so squeaky and adorable like Apple Bloom’s. She is the cutest Apple Bloom has been adorable ever since her first line (“Aren’t you gonna stay for brunch?”), and Scootaloo has some cuteness in her too, but Sweetie is by far the cutest.

No. 4: Marble Pie

Marble Pie ID S5E20

I just want to cuddle Marble Pie, ‘cause she’s so cute! I love when she blushes with embarrassment and says nothing besides “Mmm-hmm.”. It is just too adorable for me to live down. She is kind of like Big McIntosh that way. I ship her with Big Mac. Not teasing. I really do. I think I also feel sort of bad for her for some reason. It is probably because her biggest sister of all, Limestone Pie, is really aggressive and bossy, and is the exact polar opposite of her. Poor Marble. I just love her to death and beyond. So is Marble cute or what? Eeyup.

No. 3: Thorax

Thorax new form ID S6E26

I’m excited to see Thorax in Triple Threat and To Change a Changeling. He has become a good Changeling leader following the defeat of Queen Chrysalis. I like Thorax, because his new form looks very… handsome, I guess. I think Kyle Rideout does a good voice on him. I like his horns/antlers on him as well. He sorta looks like a deer. I can’t wait to see him in the future episodes of the seventh season.

No. 2: Discord

Discord ID S5E22

Discord is the best. He is really funny (and my personal husbando). I think he is best (and only) Draconequus. He and Fluttershy are so adorable together. I was shocked when I saw him almost fading away in Discordant Harmony. I was squeezing my little sister. He was also very funny in Three's A Crowd, when he sung Glass of Water. I honestly think Discord is pretty cute. Once again, another underrated character. Why do so many people hate him? He’s not evil anymore, and downright hilarious! I was very disappointed though, when Tirek forced him to be evil again in Twilight’s Kingdom. I mean, don’t trust Tirek. He’s a big baddie! I want to punch him in the face for destroying Miss Sparkle’s library. (It was kind of gross though, when he stole Discord’s magic.) But even though I love Discord, this next one goes beyond love.

No. 1: Fluttershy

Fluttershy ID S4E16

Oh. My. Celestia. Fluttershy is so cute! I love her to death, and I will never stop. I just want to play with her mane! I realized that her mane forms a heart around her head. Beautiful. I love her green-cyan eyes, and personality. She and Marble are both shy and soft-spoken… like me. I can imagine an episode where she and Discord go out on a date! So cute! When she sings Music in the Treetops, I nearly die of adorableness. She is extremely adorable when she blushes. Cuteness overload!