These are my top 20 least favorite characters in the show. This is just my personal opinion. If you disagree with my list, that’s fine.

No. 20: Granny Smith

Granny Smith ID S2E06

Granny Smith is not that bad. I mean, I like her name and all. What I really don’t like though, is her voice. It’s hard to understand, and it sounds like a female version of Donald Duck. Kind of hard to believe she has the same voice actress as Princess Luna, let alone Rarity. Also, in the flashback in Where the Apple Lies, she did not look younger at all. She looked older than ever! I apologize to all of you who like Granny Smith. This is my own personal list, and just because I don’t really like Granny doesn’t mean she can’t be one of your favorites.

No. 19: Prince Blueblood

Prince Blueblood "just had myself groomed" S01E26

Even though he is vain towards another one of my disliked characters, I still don’t like Prince Blueblood. I personally think he is even vainer than Rarity (though not as bad as her), and for some reason, he doesn’t look all that attractive. That is, compared to my all-time favorite husbando Discord. Now he is someone who I absolutely love, no doubt.

No. 18: Opalescence

Opalescence id S1E14

The reason I don’t like Opal is probably because she is Rarity’s pet. Yep. Rarity is the worst of the worst! Anyways, back to Opal. I don’t actually like cats, and my Dad is slightly allergic. Many people are. I think Persian cats are cute, but they are so grumpy! Opalescence is worst cat in my opinion. But it’s not yours, so you can like her all you want.

No. 17: Snips and Snails

Snips and Snails Outside S01E06

Okay. Snips and Snails are just weird ol’ colts. Their voices kind of sound like they’re drunk and had way too much beer. And they are such dimwits as well. I mean, even Iron Will’s smarter than them! I mean seriously, just listen to this (scene from Boast Busters)!

Spike: “The proof is in the pudding.”

Snails: “Oh. I like pudding.”

No. 16: Zephyr Breeze

Zephyr Breeze ID S6E11

Zephyr Breeze is mean and bossy. It makes me feel bad for Fluttershy and her parents.