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    October 26, 2015 by Stupididioticpony

    i created a story of the Mane six which is based from Halo: Reach Noble Team and Halo 4

    the story is abit scary



    Equestria........a flourishing planet with a population of 40 billion and a tier 2 society and is the third planet of the Everfree System

    the Everfree System named after a national forest in Equestria all the planets are explored except for a planet at the edge of the system which the EQSA keep reciving mysterious readings from within the planet the EQSA known as the EQuestria Space Armarda was formed in 2540 founded by King Eclipse after the death of the king the EQSA leadership was handed down to the twin daughter of the king Celestia and Luna


    21 of march  7.30

    aboard the EGSA  Freedom

    "this is the captian speaking all F…

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