i created a story of the Mane six which is based from Halo: Reach Noble Team and Halo 4

the story is abit scary



Equestria........a flourishing planet with a population of 40 billion and a tier 2 society and is the third planet of the Everfree System

the Everfree System named after a national forest in Equestria all the planets are explored except for a planet at the edge of the system which the EQSA keep reciving mysterious readings from within the planet the EQSA known as the EQuestria Space Armarda was formed in 2540 founded by King Eclipse after the death of the king the EQSA leadership was handed down to the twin daughter of the king Celestia and Luna


21 of march  7.30

aboard the EGSA  Freedom

"this is the captian speaking all Fireteams get to your designated shuttle we will be deploying in 10 mins over and out'

the young confident captain speaks

"well twi thats your brother"

Applejack a tacticle expert replied in a gigglish tone

"stop please"

replied back by Twilight the Team Leader of Fireteam Majestic

" Allright Fireteam majestic form up!!"

shouted by the young girl

"what now Majestic 1"

replied by Rainbow dash the Team hand to hand combat expert

"we are about to deployed to the planet arcadia we are tasked to clear a landing zone for the science team to set up camp we are to

secure a landing zone for the science team to make up a camp and"

Dash interupted

"wait we are going down there just to do a Mock up job? whats the point?"

twi replied

"dash quiet!"


at the bridge

"Captian we are hit by something below the surface!"

" damage report!!

"shields offline weapons offline our engines are not responding"

"hull breach in lower deck"

"give the orders launch the dropships NOW"

at the upper deck


sayed fluttershy

"the ships being hit"

responded rarity

" get to the dropships NOW Majestic Hoorah!!

Twilight shouted


responded by the rest of the team

after a rough landing

"Applejack contact the Freedom"

"contacts are offline no way i can get them up"

"Fireteam Crusader is just 2 miles from here"

rarity pointed

"then lets Move"

pinkie replied pulling out her Machine gun

suddenly a promethean knight ambushed shy

"Orekear higharr!!!!"

a Large mechanicle robot shouted and reveealed its face in a form of a skull scaring the lifeless soul out of Fluttershy


shouted dash

To Be Continued