Hey everyone! I was just feeling a little restless so I just thought to do something that aways calms me down. Writing! The weather is awesome here and that was a little bit of inspiration :))

So this is just short story, give it a read, and leave your thoughts in he comments below! Thank you! :) 

Look at the water around you, its made of hydrogen the same tiny molecule the sun is made of. But imagine trillions of tons compressed together to create this incredible and majestic bulb of light which seems to have its own will, and there are trillions of them in the universe, if fact we wouldn't live without it. Look at the sky,every dot of light is a star with its followers, like a leader of a battalion for the battle of light. Feel his power,his warmth and embrace which he gives us every day for trillions of years. Their light always guided us. Imagine their vastness and size compared to us,its incredible and beautiful, feel their size, warmth and beauty which keeps you alive, now close your eyes and breathe slowly,                                                                                                                 Till the worries are gone......