Hey bros! I know I'm sorta new here but I need help with a FANGAME! I do need alot and I'm not even developing myself. But if I caught you're eye and you're interested then here's some information on the game and what you can do to help!


(Note: this is an alternate story, it's not based off canon events. Though it could be considered 'Future Equestria' at the most. I'm not saying none of it's canon though, there are some canon aspects too)

Long while after the elements were restored to the tree, Twilight and company had been learning their lessons about friendship from then on. Though when Zecora surprsingly stops at Canterlot Castle, she states a vision where she sees Chrysallis and Sombra teaming up with others to destroy the Elements of Harmony. Princess Twilight is sent to Canterlot at once, told to protect the elements quickly by removing them from the tree once again. Though she is able to snatch the elements, she has made things much worse. It is up to her, with the help of her friends and other on the way, to restore Equestria, and banish the evil once and for all.

What is Needed

Most certainly a developer is needed, as a game can't be created without one.

Perhaps an animator, to animate cutscenes (must be able to animate the wavy hair of Luna and Celestia)

Voices for the cutscenes and some miscelanius parts of the story. These voices include:

  • The mane six + Spike
  • Celestia and Cadence (I'm doing Luna)
  • Discord, Chrysallis, Sombra, Tirek
  • Trixie, Glida, Lightning Dust, Flim and Flam
  • Cheese Sandwich, Cocco Pommel, Spitfire, Soarin